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Friday, June 16, 2023

20 Years of Missing You

Dear Pep, 
Your daughter sent me this video this morning, 
while I was thinking what to write for you. She 
was thinking of you, missing you, sending me 
a virtual hug. Your brother took this, added 
the songs. A walk up to Can Nan with your 
nephew and your daughter. Like so many
walks. You found the biggest rovelló ever. 

Twenty Bloomsdays without you. 
Twenty years of missing you. 
Twenty years of you missing her. 
Look at that little girl. You would be 
so proud. 
Love, Kymm 

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What I Learned... for Paco, in memoriam

On the last day of 2023's January Writing Hours (thank you Kim Moore and Clare Shaw) I wrote this in response to the first prompt, based on Brad Aaron Modlin's poem "What You Missed That Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade" - having learned the day before that my friend and half of my favorite publishers had died. Paco, you would not be surprised to find that, as always, it's all about me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

New England Poetry Club Honorable Mention

 The New England Poetry Club awarded Honorable Mention in the Diana Der-Hovanessian Prize, selected by Eric Hyett, to "Papa, you wanted a son" - my translation of a poem from Mónica Ojeda's collection Historia de la leche, (Editorial Candaya, 2020).

Hear me read 

Go here to read the poem at the New England Poetry Club 2022 Anthology page

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sant Jordi #24

    After the Hail 

          for Pep, 24 years later 

The apple tree died while I 
was gone, its bark stripped 
and fallen back to the pot, 
the largest one on the terrace.

Stark, nobby branches choked 
by equally dead morning glory 
tendrils hold sacs of seeds 
stiffly in the April wind. 

Both dead things remain 
to train the thick nasturtium 
stalks with their wealth 
of perpetual sunset. 

Opposite, the barely salvaged 
pine tree pushes its newborn 
needles towards the sun. They
follow east to south to west. 

Among all the dead branches 
in sunburned pots bursting 
with wild garlic, clover, asparagus, 
the surprise of this tall purple iris. 


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Poesía en acción #17

 Better late than never!

Poesía en acción published my translation of two poems from Mónica Ojeda's Historia de la leche, along with the originals. 

Link to poems

There's also a micro interview with me.

Link to micro interview

I'm very grateful to Olivia Lott for the invitation, and grateful to Kate Hedeen of Action Books, who first encouraged me to pursue getting these poems published in English. And exceedingly grateful to Mónica for writing them and letting me translate them.

It's been a weird year and a half, but I'm grateful for a lot of things. Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bloomsday; Dad's obituary; 18 years without Pep

 Dad's obituary was published in the Boston Globe today, as I requested, so that I could also remember Pep, who died 18 years ago. 

There's a page set up for him at Bartlett Funeral Home, who took his body to Harvard, and Globe has another site on Legacy. It's the same obituary.

Legacy site

When Harvard is done, three years from now, his remains will be buried at the family plot in Mount Auburn Cemetery, a very beautiful place to rest.

Fair winds and following seas, Pa.

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