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Thursday, October 11, 2012


“Watch,” DEATH says, her pale face showing the slightest hint of pink. “I love it when they get melodramatic.” She holds her phone out to DESTRUCTION

In the video, the man’s eyes flutter open in alarm. He’s been having a nightmare. ‘Our babies,’ he says in an echoing rasp, “they were standing on the edge of a tall building. I had to choose which one to save, but then they began to jump, one by one.” He turns to his wife, takes a long breath and whispers, ‘You must look after them. Buy safety nets.’

“SPRING! DEATH! You’re up next,” the little pixie in charge shoos the two icons out of the dressing room. “HOPE, you too, go on,” DEATH hears as she swishes past. She wonders which god of contrasts thrashed out the order of the models in this Personification Charity Fashion Show. The two waiflike, fluttering beauties flank her stark white skeleton, which is draped in a solid black, über-urban hoodie dress. She slings the scythe like a purse.

SPRING, executing a flouncy pirouette at the end of the runway, pulls DEATH up short. Her smooth, silent glide comes to a clinking, clanking halt as all her bones pile one upon the other with a loud rattle. DEATH looks up, tugging at her scythe which has caught on something. She’d swung it about when she lost her footing. The long sliver blade has sliced along SPRING’s spinal cord and wedged itself in her coccyx. Rivulets of dark red stain their way down to the shiny walkway and pool with another dark red flood originating behind DEATH, who turns to find HOPE severed in two.

DEATH frees the silver blade from SPRING’s flesh with a sucking intake of air. She leans on it and shakes her head. She can hear the inner voices from the audience shouting Why them? Why now?.

DEATH looks at DESTINY standing behind the curtain on the stage.  ‘It was you, wasn’t it?’ she mouths.
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  1. I love the characters - very original.

  2. Yeah, I love that you created different spirit characters. And despite Death's clumsy deeds, he puts the blame on Denstiny! Very good.

  3. Thank you both for the kind words. je je je

  4. I like that Death wasn't in control, Destiny was. Well done.

  5. I needed to read this one over and over. I'm tempted to say "cute" but ... death - cute? Wow, Brilliant!

  6. Your characters are great and the story is very very clever!

  7. This is a great response to the prompt. I love how you fleshed out the characters so nicely in such a short space. Very well done. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you back for the weekend prompt.

  8. Thank you all for the kind comments. Who knew DEATH could be such fun?


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